Thursday, July 11, 2013

Word Clouds are the WORD!

I know most of you have seen these in presentations or splashed all over the internet on other sites/blogs, but I have become inspired by these little things! They are so simple yet pack a powerful punch with all the possibilities that they hold. Teachers can use these in class & counselors can use them in groups or individual sessions, gosh, the possibilities are endless. How have you seen them used or in what ways could you apply this resources to enhance student learning? I'd love to hear! Below I created one on ABCya! Word Clouds.

Links to great articles that give suggestions on how to incorporate word clouds and resources to create them....

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google Drive Tutorials

I've created a page dedicated to tutorials & how to's for people who are like me (visual learners) located at the top of this blog called "Tutorials". I can read directions and try things based on what I have read..only I sometimes interpret them incorrectly. Here's a short tutorial on how to upload any doc/pdf/video to Google Drive & share it with your students, colleagues, or the general public (bloggers & websites).