About Me

I am a certified K-12 school counselor in both Indiana and North Carolina.  This will be my 10th year in education and my first year as a middle school counselor. Prior to counseling, I was an elementary teacher for 5 years, an elementary counselor for 2 years, and a middle school math & science teacher for 1 year. Hmmm, there's one year unaccounted for you say?...Well, that year I spent working as an instructional assistant and sub for medical and maternity leaves prior to becoming a middle school teacher.

I completed my graduate program at East Carolina University, Greenville, North Carolina and worked as an elementary school counselor in a coastal county for 2 years. With over 800 students (K-5) in a military community that was consistently transient, I enjoyed every aspect of my job. 

Now a middle school counselor, I am my students #1 advocate. Always student-centered, I strive to be the counselor that continuously reflects on my program and improves my craft. It is AMAZING to see the drastic changes school counseling has made at ALL levels since I was in middle school! I have become intrigued with how social media and technology advancements have impacted our students lives as well as my role as a counselor. This will be my first year in the role of a middle school counselor and I'm excited for the new opportunities & experiences to begin! 

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