Sunday, June 30, 2013

Operation Organized Counselor

I've been scouring online for the PERFECT organized planner for my role this year as our 7th grade counselor...however, nothing is customized just for me. This weekend I have been working on creating one that is "just right". Here are a few items that I am planning on including:

  • Yearly calendar
  • Weekly planner (lesson plan like)
  • Contact log
  • Notes section (staff meeting notes, team meeting notes, & my notes)
  • Binder covers (some designed by others & some designed by me)
  • Title it... The Seemingly Organized School Counselor's Planner ...haha!
Intentions are to begin constructing it this week in a binder format...why you ask? Well, I contemplated taking it to Staples and having it bound, then realized that I tend to flip-switch-change-adjust constantly. With a binder I can move things around to see what suites my needs best. When I do find a system that works...then I will professionally bind it. Pictures to follow when it is completed, and I will post the documents I used if you want them or would like to customize them to meet your needs (free to use if they are created by me, otherwise I will post a picture that is linked to the original source.) My documents will ALWAYS be free to download...that's why we call it "sharing"! :-)

Here are some resources that were helpful with ideas and downloadable forms....

13-14 Printable color calendar
Teachers Pay Teachers: Create a free
account to download it for free!
That's what I did!

Free Color Chevron Covers
Downloadable Power Point
with different colors..just add
text to personalize yours!

2 Page WeeklyPlanner (lesson plan format)
Word Doc: editable
Download includes contact log & notes

Parent Contact Log
Word Doc: editable
My Binder Covers and Contact Title Page (for tabs)
Power Point: editable

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  1. This is great! I am starting a new position this year as a 7th grade counselor so I can use all the ideas I can get! I'll be looking out for your updates! Thanks!